Texas Birds and Wildflowers

Amateur Shots
Taken with: Nikon Coolpix L820 30X optical zoom 4X Digital
Music By: University of Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Conductor: Barbara Schubert


Some of the waterfowl such as the Egyptian Goose and the Canada Goose are actually transplants. I shot them in a park adjacent to a river in Boerne ( pronounced “Berne” ), thirty miles north of San Antonio Texas. The river before it had an adjacent walkway and benches, had some ducks, then I suppose some people added the additional exotic ones. The bird feeder is just outside my window, and in the future I hope to shoot the elusive yellow or golden cheek warbler at Fredricks Wilderness park where they reside near the old windmill.

Some shots may not strictly be on topic, however the idea is to enjoy the beautiful nature scenes and I hope everyone does.